By now, most everyone has heard of CBD and its reported wide-ranging benefits. For those considering giving CBD products a try, it’s not so much about “Is CBD marijuana?” or “Will it get me high?” Rather, it’s a question of which brands can be trusted & what type of product is best suited for my goals. This post provides an overview of how to determine what type of CBD product is best for your needs and goals in use. For more on Why Zativa, and how quality assurance programs make Zativa a trust-worthy brand – check out this post.

Purpose in Using CBD Products

First, it’s important to establish your needs and goals in using CBD products as this will determine the best approach & product type. For example, targeting skin-level aches and pains is different than hoping to tackle lower back discomfort or improve sleep quality. Are you hoping for long-lasting effects over the course day, or is fast-acting, short-term relief your goal?

Methods of Administration

CBD is extracted and processed into a multitude of various forms, each suitable for different lifestyles and needs/goals. These forms, or product types, represent different methods of administration – or ways to consume or use the CBD product. Convenience and desired effects are two considerations when selecting which product type and administration method is best for you.

There are consumablesTinctures, Softgels, Mints – intended to be consumed orally, and absorbed via the digestive tract. Also known as edible or ingestible product types, this method of administration is best for longer lasting effects, felt across the whole body as CBD is spread via blood stream however it takes longer for effects to take hold (30 to 90 mins).

There are topicalslotions, balms and salves – intended for application and absorption directly via your skin. This approach is best for targeting localized discomforts, close to the skins surface, with high doses that are contained within the application area. Unlike ingestible product types, use of topicals will not lead to whole body effects – they are a way to restrict and focus targeted action to the application area. For example, patients needing relief while maintaining a clear mind may find topicals more helpful than ingestible. Based on the topical formulation the time till effects are active various from minutes to hours. Moreover, they are generally shorter acting than edible or inhaled product forms.

There are inhalables – flower, vaporizer cartridges, oil/extracts – designed to be smoked or vaporized and inhaled thru the lungs. Inhaled products provide a rapid onset of effects (within minutes) that are cleared relatively quickly compared to edibles or topicals. These product types are great for spot-treating irritations as they arise, but require frequent and sequential dosing. Moreover, the precise dose administered via inhalation is more difficult to control compared to ingestible products with uniform CBD distribution.

Summary Table

Comparison of Products Types

By first establishing your goals for using CBD products, use the table above to determine which item in the Zativa CBD product line is most suited to your needs. Need long-lasting, easy to consume while on-the-go CBD within effects that are not needed immediately? Zativa CBD Softgels are a good place to start! Looking for relief at particular joints, throughout the workday with limited cognitive effect potential? the Zativa 1000mg CBD Topical is your best choice.