Finding the best possible CBD product for you can be challenging, finding a trustworthy brand can be daunting. In this post, we discuss Zativa’s approach to CBD product development and quality assurance – why you can trust that our brand’s products will be pure and consistent from batch to batch. If you would like to learn more about selecting the right CBD product for your goals – read this post.

Out of the Shadows, Into the Light

With the surge in CBD popularity, unscrupulous businesses have become an issue – selling “CBD” products with no or less CBD than reported on product labels. As we approach 2020, the federal government has finally gotten around to licensing & regulating CBD companies to ensure basic safety testing on all products, good manufacturing practices, and aboveboard cultivation and processing.

Quality Assurance starts at the soil and ends with the oil.

Zativa’s approach to product development and quality spans across the entire supply chain. We go above and beyond currently mandated requirements to ensure accuracy, safety, and consistently batch-to-batch. We evaluate clone health before planting, monitor cultivation progress each step of the way, minimize exposure to environmental and industrial contaminants in harvest and transportation, implement good manufacturing processes, and document the analytical tests. By overseeing every major phase of CBD production, and closely managing the transitions across the supply chain, to ensure Zativa products are safe, effective and of the highest quality. Hemp and CBD operations are not yet required to comply with federal and state standards governing manufacture and sale of dietary supplements, cosmetics and over the counter drugs. But this is where the CBD industry is headed, and Zativa is doing it now rather than when forced it. It’s simple better for our business, our customers and our shared environment to do so.

Zativa Approach to Product Development

Our products are selected and formulated with a single goal in mind – improve the chances our customers have a beneficial experience. We see the same CBD products on the market like everyone else. Products being sold for far too much money, with far too little CBD to be effective. Talk about a bad situation – you overcome the sticker shock, decide to give CBD products a try, only to be left no better off than where you started and empty-handed? It’s no wonder why consumers are skeptical and hesitant.

Our intended customers stand to benefit in significant ways – human or animal. While having zero to little risk of harm (from cannabinoids). We would rather have them achieve their goals with a CBD purchase, than to feel hosed.

Compared to other brands, Zativa product lines generally contain much more CBD for lower, reasonable costs. This is possible not because we have cheaper, or lower quality inputs – its because other brands are charging too much for too little!

Internally-tested, externally-challenged

Before Zativa products reach retail outlets, products are internally-tested & externally-challenged. Sure, we could put out a 5 mg animal chew – but our older dog seems to benefit the most from 20-30mg.










Keep it Simple, Safe and Sterile. Select limited, natural ingredients, when possible, based on its the ability to support and enhance the product experience.








Derived from 100% organically grown industrial hemp, Zativa CBD products provide the delights of hemp in a convenient, consistent product experience. Quality control procedures guarantee consistency from one bottle to the next, yielding reliable and predictable results in every batch.